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March 2024

The team traveled to Gainesville, GA for the John Ferriss regatta. It was a cool day with enjoyable temperatures to start. Later in the day the sun came out and the wind picked up creating some challenging racing conditions during many of the Finals.

The first part of the day went by in a flash- nearly every crew placed high enough in the heats to earn a spot in the Grand Final, including both Men's Varsity 4+'s and both Women's Novice 4+'s. The full effects of the teams intense training over Spring Break in Natchitoches, LA were on display early. The Women's Novice 8+ in a final-only race sprinted hard to pass a crew in the final meters and finish second with a time of 8:06.2... 0.2 seconds ahead of 3rd!

Women's Novice 8+, Silver Medalists

c: Landers (right)

8: Smith

7: Hendrix

6: Godwin

5: Panguito

4: Silberstein

3: Patel

2: Peterson (not pictured)

1: Nichols (left)

After the lunch break, the wind picked up and things got a little more hectic launching and at the start line. The Varsity Men's 8+ finished 5th overall with a 6:33.5, and then rushed back to get into the 4+'s. The refs however inexplicably chose to run the Men's Varsity 4+ Grand Final without 4 of the 6 crews, scratching both UGA and Alabama entries in the process. The women's varsity 8+ struggled a bit, finishing 6th in the Grand Final with a time of 8:04.1. They then hot seated into the Women's Varsity 4+ where they finished 6th in the Grand Final out of a field of 15 entries.

Men's Varsity 8+ [left], Women's Varsity 8+ [middle], Men's Varsity 4+ [right]

On the novice side, the Men's Novice 8+ handily won the Petite Final, rounding out the day with a 5th place finish in the Men's Novice 4+ out of an original field of 15. The Novice Women's squad rounded out their day with an open water win over rival Florida to take Gold in the event.

Women's Novice 4+, Gold Medalists

c: Hagerman (right)

4: Smith

3: Jacobs (not pictured)

2: Panguito

1: Nichols (left)

UGA finished the day with a pair of gold medals in the Men's and Women's doubles! Thank you to Lake Lanier for bringing back a regatta to our back yard. We hope the event continues to improve in the future!!

Women's 2x [left+mid], Gold Medalists

2: Wentworth

1: Fallon

Men's 2x [right], Gold Medalists

2: Feagle

1: Jacobs

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