Ergathon 2018

Hello Family, Friends, and Sponsors,

This semester we challenged ourselves to raise $25,000 for the team. To accomplish this goal, we need YOUR HELP! Our first fundraiser this semester will be our 23rd annual Erg-a-thon. For this fundraiser, rowers and coxswains will be taking pledges to row a certain dollar value per meter. On February 17th, the rowers and coxswains will row as many meters as they can and help the team raise the funds for the equipment that we need, such as oars, boat parts, and even more expensive items such as our racing shells. Following the event, the rowers and coxswains will total up how much they raised and turn it in to the team. The twenty people who raise the most money will be given a limited edition t-shirt (design to come soon)!

***If you would like to donate to our fundraiser, but are not associated with anyone currently on the team, feel free to use the PayPal  button below to donate any amount you choose to the team.***


Below you can see a "Fill The Oar" graphic that shows our fundraising progress for the entire semester. Our goal for this fundraiser is $10,000, so we're hoping to fill that oar almost halfway! And if you scroll further down the page, there a live spreadsheet that shows how much money has been raised by each rower.


We would appreciate anything you are willing to give to the team -- every little bit counts! Thank you all in advance and ROW DAWGS!

UGA Crew Fundraising