The Tryout Process


​​All competitors welcome, no rowing experience required!


1. Get Information


Find team members around campus January 9th- 14th and learn a little more about our team and representing the University of Georgia in intercollegiate competition.


At Tate:                     Jan. 9, 10, 13 & 14                            9-3PM

At Ramsey:               Jan. 8, 9, 13 & 14                              4-8PM

2. Attend a Meeting or Boathouse Day

Join us for a 30-45 minute presentation to learn more about our team, our culture, and how joining can improve your collegiate experience!


MLC Room 267        Jan. 13 & 14                                       7PM




Join us for a trip out to the boathouse to see where we operate, learn a little rowing technique, and also learn more about the team, culture, and improving your college experience! These will be longer sessions as we will drive you out to our boathouse and provide a more hands-on experience.

Boathouse Days:

Jan. 18 & 20                      Meet outside IM Fields Parking Deck @ 2:00PM, returning around 5:30PM

3. Tryout


Spring 2020 Rowing Tryouts will take place from January 15th to January 22nd and consist of two elements: daily group tryout sessions and one rowing machine instructional session.

***You Must Bring Your Student ID In Order To Participate In Any Tryouts***

                 ***The East Campus Parking Deck is Free after 4PM***


Group Tryout Sessions

Our group tryout sessions will be land-based workouts with the men’s and women’s teams hosted at the Intramural Fields on the southeast side of campus. Come prepared with plenty of water and ready to be challenged. Attend as many of these as you are able!

Meet in front of Ramsey                   Jan. 15-17 & 21-22                  4:30-6:00PM