The Tryout Process

Information Sessions:

We highly recommend attending an info session to learn more about our team! We will be hosting these sessions in the MLC multiple times before tryouts begin.

Boathouse Days:

Our boathouse is located about twenty five minutes outside of Athens in Winder, Georgia at Fort Yargo State Park. We host a tour of our boathouse where some of our team members will drive you all out to the park so that you can see our fleet of boats and the lake that we practice on. We will give a tour of the boathouse, teach everyone how to use the rowing machines, and put people in boats on the dock to take a few practice strokes so that they can see what it’s like. You only need to attend once — both boathouse days are the same, we just have two in order to accommodate everyone's schedules if they can’t make one of the days. These are not required, but we highly recommend attending so that we can show you where we have our water practices!

Land Workouts:

We have a week of tryouts in August (fall) and January (spring) that involve some land workouts with the team in the afternoon on the IM fields. We will gather in front of the IM deck and you will meet the coaches and captains and then participate in a variety of land workouts with all of our current team members. We don’t have any tryouts on the water, but these land workouts are designed to be fun and to introduce new members to the athletic stamina that our sport demands. This week of land workouts is not required, but we highly recommend attending! Come dressed in comfortable athletic clothing, and BRING WATER!! Hydration is very important!


Erg Sessions:

During our land tryouts week, all of our team members will be available to teach you how to use the rowing machine correctly. Proper form is extremely important because it helps you be more powerful and also helps prevent injuries.


Tryout 2K Test:

This is the only REQUIRED part of our tryout process! Everyone who wants to make the team roster has to come and take a 2,000 meter test on the rowing machine (also known as the “erg”).


This test will only last about ten minutes for each person, and you can come to complete it any time during the time slots we will provide. Team members will be there to cheer you on, and the coaches will be there to record your times. Make sure to wear athletic clothing, just like you did for the land tryouts!