UGA Rowing's Response to Covid-19

       As we return to both practicing and competing in regattas for the Spring 2021 semester, the Rowing Team at the University of Georgia will be implementing many precautions to ensure everyone on our team remains healthy throughout the semester. The safety of our community and our athletes is our top priority, now more than ever, and we are continuously working to ensure we can provide that. These practices follow guidelines from the CDC and UGA. They are aimed at preventing the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19.). These practices include, but are not limited to:


  • When working out on the land, all athletes and coaches will maintain a distance of 6 feet or greater, following social distance guidelines from the CDC. 

  • All athletes and coaches will be required to wear a mask when participating in non-intensive workouts that are unable to be implemented at a distance of 6 feet or greater. This follows the University’s requirement for campus activities. 

  • All athletes and coaches are required to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test result each week (with tests available through the university of Georgia for free, on demand, and with virtually no wait time). 

  • Specific practice schedules and boat line ups (when on the water) for all athletes, for contact tracing purposes. 



       As more information arises and new safety policies emerge, the team will keep everyone updated. We value trust and transparency, so if you have any question please feel free to contact our team through our website, through our email (ugarowing@gmail.com), or though our Instagram (@ugarowing). We thank you for supporting our team as we navigate through this uncharted time, and we look forward to returning to the water this spring! 

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