First of all, NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. Our coaches teach you from square one, in fact, about 95% of our team starts rowing in college. 


We are looking for a few things when we recruit new rowers.  You may see various recruiting slogans on our flyers and media.  

  • "Tall, Strong, Athletic Individuals Wanted (or those with the guts to make up the difference)" - We want athletes. People who know how to put in hard work day in and day out and then reap the benefits.  But we are also looking for people who may not have an athletic background or be physically gifted, but share those core personal traits of hard work, accepting challenges, and committing to personal improvement.

  • "Instant Family, just add water" - We want people who can commit to their teammates. Rowing is often described as the ultimate team sport, and that often carries off the water or beyond the gym to personal lives. Lasting friendships are made, and when your friends are working hard right next to you, it can give you the extra push you need to crush your goals and push your limits.


We are also looking for coxswains!

  • coxswain (noun): the steersman of a ship's boat, lifeboat, racing boat, or other boat

  • Typically on the smaller side, coxswains are leaders with loud voices. A great coxswain is someone who is quick-thinking and willing to go outside of the comfort zone to motivate the rowers to their full potential.