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April, 2022

The Team traveled to Oak Ridge, Tennessee to compete in the Southeastern Regional Championship regatta. This marked the first official championship regatta appearance for the team since Spring of '19. It was an Easter weekend regatta, so time trials started on Friday afternoon. Some of the highlights of Saturday finals were the the Women's Novice 4+ placing 7th, Women's 2- placing 5th, Men's Novice Lightweight 4+ placing 4th, and the Women's Varsity 8+ placing 2nd in a very tight race!

Pictured above: Women's Varsity 8+

c: Turner '22

8: Friesen '24

7: Weis '24

6: Counsell '22

5: Busse '22

4: Kitzrow '24

3: Janosik '23

2: Wolfe '22

1: Smith '24


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