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Clemson Scrimmage

February, 2024

The team traveled to Clemson, SC for a scrimmage with Clemson. It was a calm, cool morning- sunny with minimal wind early, building to a 5-10mph cross/tail through the day.

Racing started off strong with the Varsity Men's 8's. UGA's early lead dwindled to nothing in the last 500m where the Dawgs were finally overtaken in what ended up being the closest race of the day.


  1. Clemson 6:44.5

  2. UGA 6:46.8

In the Men's Second Novice 8+ racing continued with UGA managing to hold off a charging Clemson boat despite a few crabs late in the race. The Women's Varsity 8's were a bit mismatched with Clemson's top crew cruising to a win with a 1:00+ margin. UGA Novice Women were next with a 1st & 3rd finish in the Women's Novice 4+. Next was the Men's Varsity 4+'s where Clemson's top boat held off a late charge led by UGA stroke Joe Feagle '27


  1. Clemson 7:33.4

  2. UGA 7:36.4

In the Men's Novice 8+ event, Clemson took the win with open water. In the Women's Varsity 4+ event, UGA pulled together for a 3rd and 5th place finish behind Clemson crews. In the Women's Novice 8+ event, with winds really starting to pick up, Clemson managed to hold UGA off late for yet another close win.


  1. Clemson 8:38.8

  2. UGA 8:42.8

All in all it was a great morning of racing. Thanks to all at Clemson crew for hosting the scrimmage once again!


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